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If your home has been flooded, it’s important to know when the flood occurred so you can start the restoration process as soon as possible. Here are a few ways to determine when the flood occurred:

On the other hand, we know that many of the floods can be caused by natural phenomena. Because of this, some of the common warning signs include heavy rainfall, dam or levee failures, as well as other events like slow-moving tropical storms and early snowmelt that can contribute to flooding, whether you live in a flood zone or No.

If you’re still unsure of when the flood occurred, you can always contact a professional flood restoration company. They will be able to help you determine the date of the flood and start the restoration process.

Remember: Flooding causes 90% of loss during natural disasters and most communities in the U.S. can experience some type of flooding.  Homes with flood damage cause severe financial loss as well as grave emotional hardships for a homeowner, so its vital you be prepared, and know where to turn if your home is affected by flooding.

After a flood, is it necessary to return the property to its original state?

Some people might find this unnecessary, as they think they can handle this scenario independently. Nowadays, it’s effortless to discover many DIY methods on the internet, and sometimes they are helpful. However, if your property got damaged because of a serious flood, you will have to react rapidly, as there are lots of elements to consider while you have to deal with such a circumstance: the main aspect you require to consider is mold. Mold may develop at the least expected moment, but you can’t wait for a long time: mold can appear in between the first 24 to 48 hours after a flood, sometimes even less, if the situation is very complicated.

Flood restoration is a very specialized process: the main actions you need to be really mindful about are drying, tidying up, sanitizing, and restoring your property. Be particularly careful when it comes to the water: if the water is extremely contaminated, that’s the primary reason why you will need to ask for expert assistance. Under no scenarios it’s a good idea to deal with a flood situation if you have black water on your property: black water consists of sewage, and it can be particularly toxic for your health. That’s why flood restoration experts utilize specialized devices and follow specific security procedures: you can’t handle black water on your own; that’s a fact.

Cleaning up and sanitizing are 2 essential procedures throughout the restoration procedure: you can’t restore a property after a terrible flood if the property is not properly decontaminated; that’s an important detail you require to bear in mind. Just a true specialist will be able to identify what type of water you have on your property: clear water, greywater, or black water. Clearwater is not a huge problem, however gray water and black water must be dealt with carefully.

After sanitizing, the restoration procedure will begin. This process may take a few days or a few weeks: all of it depends on how severe the damage is. The most important thing you need to remember is that you should start the restoration procedure as soon as possible: if not, you might have to handle mold issues in the future, as mold may arise rapidly when you have a flood scenario. Don’t think twice to request for expert aid: once the mold has appeared, it will be harder for you to handle such a scenario, specifically since you will need to ask for mold removal solutions.

Quick facts if your property needs a flood restoration